Welcome to Blackthorn Genealogy!

My name is Conner Drennen, and I am the genealogist behind Blackthorn. Here, in addition to family narratives, you will also find posts on the latest research methods, organization techniques, and other aspects involved in our never-ending quest for knowledge.

I grew up in Southeastern Ohio, and graduated from NYU in 2019 with degrees in Linguistics, Psychology, and Italian. My scholarly interests include Italian dialectology, Appalachian studies, and general sociolinguistics. Don’t be surprised if occasional posts pop up drawing from these disciplines- a social scientist at heart, it’s impossible to extricate family dynamics from greater stories of culture and language!

I strive for thoroughness in my research, and always continue to push for answers. It is my sincere hope that through my writings on this blog I am able to inspire, assist, and grow with like-minded, and perhaps even related, family researchers. It is sure to evolve alongside myself and my methods.

So, it is with a heartfelt thanks and a shameless bid for you to subscribe to Blackthorn to stay updated that I welcome you to this little corner of the web. Hopefully together we can uncover even more and share our stories far and wide.